Sanna Völker


'Design at 1200°C' is a project performance where unique glass pieces are blown at 1200ºC. The first series of prototypes, all inspired by the traditional forms of the aperitive ambient (l'apéro), were being crafted live in front of the audience without prior trials.

DESIGN AT 1200°C I L'APÉRO October 2021


 KM ZERO - July 2020

Km Zero is a project that encourages reflection, reevaluation and union. A curated collection of objects conceptualized during the Spanish quarantine and crafted within one kilometre of each designer's home.


 SISTERS - Ox Poblenou, March 8-17 2019

'Sisters' is a project on female empowerment and sisterhood. A contemporary art and design exhibition that showcases and celebrates female perspectives. ​


 PERCEPTION - Ox Poblenou, June 6-14 2018

16 Barcelona based designers embraced human complexity by exploring the senses. The show questioned our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects and the processes behind them.