July 2020


Km Zero is a project that encourages reflection, reevaluation and union. A curated collection of objects conceptualized during the Spanish quarantine and crafted within one kilometre of each designer's home.


Kilómetro Zero invites Spanish-based object and furniture designers to reflect upon time spent in quarantine and to connect with their immediate surroundings. Based between Barcelona and Madrid, the designers were asked to materialize their experiences and impressions into a piece that represent the limitations, and possibilities, of the current situation. The designers were to produce their piece with the exclusive use of materials and collaborators found within one kilometre of their homes. The same restricted area that, after several weeks of complete lock-down, they were slowly invited to enjoy.


Curated and organised by Sanna Völker


Isaac Piñeiro, Júlia Esqué, Marta Ayala Herrera, Omayra Maymó, Paula Clavería, Sanna Völker, Turbina Studio

Visual communication:
David Leon Fiene

Product photography:

David Leon Fiene

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Omayra Maymó, Turbina Studio, Isaac Piñeiro

Júlia Esqué

Km Zero is a wish to document a paramount impact on our lives and the need to come together while staying apart.

Sanna Völker, Marta Ayala Herrera, Paula Clavería

Sanna Völker, Turbina Studio

Omayra Maymó

Sanna Völker, Marta Ayala Herrera, Turbina Studio, Paula Clavería

What possibilities, traditions and crafts are there to be discovered within our own neighbourhoods?

Sanna Völker

Turbina Studio