The Yerevan vase is a personal memoir of time spent in Armenia. An interpretation of the contrasts, shapes and materials that were experienced while working on a local NGO project. Developed in close collaboration with Armenian stonemasons, from whom the designer gained a better understanding of the country's heritage and culture, her piece is a tribute to Armenian architecture and to the people she encountered. Inspired by the idea of pressed flowers, stems are delicately held between the two intersecting stone pieces that conceal a small pool of water.

Launched at Collectible Fair 2020, Brussels 

Material - Armenian tuff & basalt (volcanic rock)

Dimensions - 19x17x15 cm.

Crafted through TUMO studios


Unique piece handcrafted in Armenia, signed

Can be requested in other materials

An interpretation of the contrasts, shapes and materials

of the architecture in Yerevan, Armenia.

armenia sanna völker