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Smell is closely linked with memory and works as a trigger for us to recall certain moments and places. With ‘Nostalgia’ fond memories will be awakened or new ones created. Two geometric candlesticks become scent diffusers - one that uses a volcanic rock combined with essential heat oil. The other with water and dried herbs or leaves.

"You can recreate the smell of a place or a certain moment in your life, and since the olfactory bulb has direct connections to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory, actually recall some of those emotions. Or even engrave current emotions by linking them to a new mix of scents. Visual, auditory, and tactile information just can't do this in the same way since they don't pass through those brain areas."

Designed for the exhibition 'Perception' 

Material - Steel, heat resistant paint

Dimensions - 12x9x32 cm. / 10x9x30 cm.

Crafted in Barcelona

Photos - Andrea Ferrara

nostalgia candlestick scent sanna völker
nostalgia minimal scent diffuser sanna völker
graphic candlestick nostalgia sanna völker

The candle heats up the cup of water creating a gentle steam 

and scent of eucalyptus, cinnamon or whatever mix one wishes.

nostalgia candleholder scent design
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