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Kahn is a piece of brutal delicacy, a tribute to the design philosophy of the 20th-century architect Louis Kahn, and a recognition of the architecture that shaped his work. It is a journey back to the ancient monuments of Egypt, Greece and Rome, an expression of history, craftsmanship and nature.


The piece is created in Roman travertine by a family of master stonemasons who have developed their craft for four generations. Selected from a quarry begun in 1880 and located in a small mountain village in the province of Barcelona, the material used for Kahn is taken from the same block of stone used to sculpt the angels of the famous Sagrada Familia church. The Kahn stool is a balance between the natural and human-made, the raw and the delicate, the minutely planned and the randomly occurring.

Material: Roman travertine

Dimensions: 40x35x46 cm.

Limited edition of 8

Signed and numbered

Produced by Il·lacions Gallery

Crafted in Barcelona

Stool handcrafted using remnants of Roman travertine. Available in other materials and finishes

sanna völker design

When you want to give something presence, you have to consult nature. And there is where design comes in. If you think of brick, for instance, you say to brick, "What do you want, brick?" And brick says to you, "I like an arch." And if you say to brick, "Look, arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lintel over you. What do you think of that, brick?" brick says, "I like an arch."

collectible fair sanna völker

The stool is a dialogue between the delicacy of the human hand and the natural elements of nature, where carefully designed details stand in contrast to the absolute rawness of the stone.

collectible sanna völker
sanna völker
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