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Design and elaboration of the first course for 'In the Bauhaus Kitchen' - an artistic performance exploring the intersections between gastronomy and the Bauhaus.


The first course, developed in collaboration with chef Helena Carbó is inspired by the vegetable garden of the Bauhaus. It is a reflection on vegetarianism and an experiment with contrasts. A sensorial experience that plays with the brutality of stone and the fragility of glass. Driven by their common interest in natural matter, the designer and chef come together to tell a story of origin and perception. The result is an aggressive yet extremely delicate act where the guests themselves are the performers involved in releasing its substance.

The dish consists of ecological sprouts from a natural park together with ferments and pickles. The vegetables are accompanied by a sphere of salted caramel containing a concentrated scent of wood and wet earth.  

Curated by: Elsa Yranzo & Sebastian Alberdi

Venue: Barcelona Pavilion by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe & Lilly Reich

Photography: Sonia Troncoso

Short Film: David Leon Fiene

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In the Bauhaus Kitchen.jpg
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Drawing from the essay of Nicholas Fox Weber, the project celebrates the Bauhaus centenary through a study and reinterpretation of the interwoven nature between food culture and design in the daily life of the Bauhaus.

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A project exploring the intersections between art, design and gastronomy, merging them into a unique visual and sensorial experience.

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