Born and based on the study of the relationship between the human senses and the elements of nature. Element is a side table in solid ash that plays with angles and perspectives. Discover the carved detail, inspired by the shape and surface left on trees chewed on by beavers. By referring to the tactility of trees and the warmth of wood, the product aim to encourage touch and curiosity.


Designed for the exhibition 'Perception' - Bcn Design Week

Material - FSC certified solid European ash

Dimensions - 50x50x46 cm.

Handcrafted, made to order (6 weeks).

Price: 2130€ (VAT included)

Signed and numbered

woodcraft sanna völker element side table
scandinavian design by sanna völker

Peek under the table and discover the carved detail,

inspired by the shape and surface left on trees

chewed on by beavers.

Element side table, Sanna Völker
Element detail, carved wood, Sanna Völker
sanna völker
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