“What really matters is not the sculptures, but the spirit of fellowship which one tries to express. The value of the pieces lies in the moment when they have a direct bearing on life, when they help us to see more clearly, give us heart, help us to get to grips with life. But the pieces are not life. They are a reflection of life”. Sonja Ferlov Mancoba (1911-1984).


Struck by the sculptor’s words, hearing within them the core of female friendship, I longed to materialize this philosophy in my own work. By inviting my friends to join me in the workshop and in the crafting of the tables, the pieces become an expression of female community and an unforgettable memory. Thank you Lotta, Elin, Melinda and Marina.

Photography by Ampi Aristu

Designed for the all-female exhibition 'Sisters'.

Black side table

Handcrafted clay bases, smoked glass top

Dimensions - 50x50x46 cm.

Bone white coffee table

Handcrafted clay bases, available in Fenix top

Dimensions - 50x70x37 cm.

Price: 750€

"For Ferlov Mancoba, the main objective was to metaphorically ‘go hand-in-hand’ and create together. As a counterpoint to the selfish, soulless and materialistic world in which she felt she lived, she strove in her art to promote the great community of man across nations and cultures. ‘Only through each other can we live and breathe, and no-one creates alone’