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The philosophy, history and skill of these craftsmen and their quarry is a big part of this project. And we are thrilled to be part of their story.

Granits Barbany, since 1880

Granits Barbany

Established in: 1880

Location: Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona

Granits Barbany is a family company of artisan stonemasons, currently counting on the fourth generation of craftsmen. Founded in the year 1880 in a small mountain village in the province of Barcelona, Granits Barbany is a stone workshop where ancient traditions meet modern technology. The workshop is known for the complex work that is carried out for artists and architects throughout the world.

granits barbany
granits barbany
stone remnants
The quarry_stone textures (1).jpg
The quarry.jpg
Stone workshop.jpg
granits barbany stonemason

Quality material,

local craft and emotional value.

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