A side table that tells the story of falling in love with a material and a curiosity about how an antique material can be used to express contemporary design. Lightweight concrete and natural stones are mixed in a cast mould. The upper part (solely) is then sanded down to bring out the characteristic stone pattern, while the sides remain nude. Shepherding a proud design tradition into the world of modern interiors, Heartbreaker can be used as coffee table, bedside table or a podium. 


Client - Bolia (Denmark)

Material - Lightweight concrete, natural stone slabs

Dimensions - 42x46x54 cm.

heartbreaker side table illustration sanna völker
heartbreaker terrazo sketch sanna volker
heartbreaker side table terrazzo sanna völker bolia
heartbreaker side table bolia sanna völker
hearbreaker terrazo bolia volker

A contemporary design that builds on a proud tradition. Heartbreaker enlightens its material by embracing its history, use and fabrication.

henrik bülow table terrazzo sanna völker